The following videos discuss personal experiences relating to being placed in out-of-home care and experiencing childhood sexual abuse.  Some people may find the content distressing.

People have told us that they have found it helpful and important to try and think in advance how they might manage the effects of abuse when they know they might be strongly reminded about the abuse – such as watching the following videos.

Whether you are watching from home, work or some other place, having someone to talk to before and after is recommended. To access 24/7 phone support click here.

Aboriginal Young People Speak

Talking to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people themselves, they often express regret about their separation from language, country and culture and about the barriers to reconnecting.  Perhaps the final word should go to the five young Aboriginal people in the short video made as a prelude to the meeting in 2015

Watch Aboriginal Young People Speak on Youtube here

Ella’s Story – 17.30 mins

Ella is 32 years old and works in government and community services. She has a healthy and respectful relationship with her husband. Ella and her sister spent much of their childhood in foster care. While they lived with one family Ella was sexually abused by an older foster brother.

Watch Ella’s Story from Relationships Australia SA on Vimeo.

Grace’s Story – 23.48 mins

Grace is 62 years old. She has had a rewarding career in family law. Grace was abused by her older brother during her teenage years. She was in her late-forties when she first told others about the abuse.

Watch Grace’s Story from Relationships Australia SA on Vimeo.

Ruby’s Story – 19.07 mins

In Ruby’s story you will hear about experiences of abuse in care, of resistance to abuse, and of a life dedicated to speaking out about the injustices of abuse in care.

Ruby’s Story Full Version from Relationships Australia SA on Vimeo.

Men’s Film – 15.28 mins

In this short piece, male survivors of childhood sexual abuse talk about the challenges they experienced as children when abuse was happening. They also talk about the ways they have overcome the effects of abuse and found ways to live the life they would prefer to live.

Respond Men’s Story from Relationships Australia SA on Vimeo.

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