At Elm Place, we recognise that people have different experiences and our service is respectful of this and tailored to meet individual needs.  Elm Place offers services and support to adults and young people who have had personal experiences that includes being placed:

  • Under a care and protection order and/or secure custody order
  • In foster care
  • In institutional care
  • In a children’s home
  • In care as a ‘Ward of the State’ or ‘Guardianship of the Minister’

Services available at Elm Place include Post Care Support Services, Find & Connect Support Services and the Royal Commission Community Based Support Services.

What can you expect at Elm Place?

Elm Place is a friendly, welcoming place to drop in for some time out or to get assistance with the following;

  • accessing your records
  • grant information to assist towards independent living
  • searching for and possibly reconnecting with family
  • access and information to other relevant community services and programs such as health services, employment services and education support
  • referrals and advocacy for housing and financial management
  • counselling and therapeutic support
  • independent living skills
  • parenting and relationship skills
  • identity, cultural connections and relationships

Our Practice Principles

Issues of past abuse are often raised in the context of out-of-home care and our experienced practitioners are able to provide skilled responses to such disclosures.
Using an integrated, trauma-informed approach, our work aims to:

  • Increase emotional safety
  • Improve people’s wellbeing
  • Support and enhance personal relationships
  • Foster self-determination and support people to make positive choices about wellbeing, personal and family relationships, work and participation in local community.

We believe that people are best supported in environments in which diversity is valued; relationships are respectful; people have a sense of connection and belonging, and an opportunity to learn and develop.

A note about Respond SA

Many of the resources found on this website are an outcome of Respond SA, a dedicated support service for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse that operated from 2004 to 2008. Initially funded through the Department for Families and Communities, the work of Respond SA continues to influence our commitment to delivering specialist services to people affected by childhood sexual abuse.

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