Post Care Support Services (PCSS) – a free, information, advocacy, case management and counselling service to support people who have lived in out-of-home care and/or placed under the Guardianship of the Minister in South Australia as a child for more than six (6) months.

Who can access Post Care Support Services (PCSS)?

The following questions will help you determine if PCSS is the right service for you:

  • Were you ever registered as a ‘Ward of the State’?
  • Have you ever been placed under the ‘Guardianship of the Minister’?
  • Were you placed in care under a care and protection or secure custody order?
  • Have you ever lived in foster care?
  • Have you ever lived in institutional care?
  • Have you ever lived in a children’s home?
  • Did you ever live in an orphanage?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and would like support, please call 1800 188 118 (freecall).

If you are still unsure, call us and we can have a chat about what you need.

What does PCSS offer?

If you are eligible for Post Care Support Services we can assist you anywhere within South Australia or interstate, either through face to face services or via telephone or email.  Services at PCSS are tailored to meet individual needs and can include the following:

  • Accessing your records
  • Assistance with health care including mental health concerns
  • Case management
  • Individual counselling
  • Group programs


Post Care Support Services is a FREE and confidential service.


Elm Place

Ground Floor, 191 Flinders Street, Adelaide


Phone: 1800 188 118



Post Care Support Services Brochure

Funding Acknowledgement

Post Care Support Services is provided by Relationships Australia South Australia and funded by the Government of South Australia, Department for Child Protection.