The following videos are underpinned by many years of counselling and advocacy experience, both through the Respond SA dedicated service which operated from 2004-2008 and through the diversity of other Relationships Australia South Australia services we continue to offer.

Sue Mann – Practice Manager, Trauma Counselling, Relationships Australia SA (26.21mins)

In this video, Sue provides insight into how you might notice and ask about past experiences of abuse and why people might disclose.  Ways to support slow and safe disclosures, the legal process and other places for support are discussed.

Dr Jeanette Grove – Private Psychiatrist (19.19mins)

Dr Jeanette Grove speaks from a psychiatrist’s perspective about how survivors may present, the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse and responses to disclosure. Jeanette provides an overview of the role of psychiatrists and self-care for professionals.

Jo Zeitz – Manager, Future Youth Initiative, Relationships Australia SA (23.45mins)

As a Practice Leader in working with children with Autism, Jo provides an overview of working with child sexual abuse and disabilities.

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